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Divorce disturbs every facet of our daily lives from our relationship with our children to our performance at work. It manages to cloud our thinking and preoccupy our thoughts. Even the strongest among us can fall prey to this emotional vortex of vulnerability caused by divorce. During these highly charged emotional times, it is crucial to have a strong, committed, and intelligent attorney protecting your legal rights and pursuing your objectives. Having a San Francisco divorce attorney to meet your legal needs gives you less to worry about and more time to focus on the healing and renewal process. Yes, most people get through this rough period in their lives and so will you.

Rosanna is a divorce lawyer and problem solver who is committed to providing you legal representation in a humanistic manner by giving you and your case her utmost attention. She accomplishes this goal by deliberately placing a limitationonthenumberofnewclients she accepts each month. Such a limitation enables her to truly devote herself to her clients and to represent their best interests.

Should you ever feel lost or confused about a matter, do not hesitate to call her as Rosanna believes that communication between a client and lawyer should be open and honest. One should never avoid calling a lawyer for fear of the legal fees that might be incurred; for that reason, Rosanna does not charge for the first 15 minutes of a phone call.

Rosanna Chenette is a San Francisco divorce attorney that provides a client-centered practice with a keen emphasis on the maintenance of lowfees. She is able to maintain low fees because she passes her low overhead costs onto her clients. She is able to save thousands of dollars by utilizing the latest technology innovations, such as, state of the art software programs and by working from her home office and using her shared office space for meetings with clients, co-counsel, and other involved professionals. Her executive office suite includes many experienced support staff who work as independent contractors for her and her clients on an as needed basis.

The services at her client-centered practice include all aspects of family law with emphasis placed on divorce and San Francisco divorce-related problems. She can draft agreements such as pre-marital agreements, post-marital agreements, marital settlement agreements, ovum freezing contracts, surrogacy contracts, ovum donor contracts, and domestic partnership agreements. She will represent your needs in matters of child custody, child support, and spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony. She also can represent you in matters of adoption, such as, stepparentadoption, second-parent adoption, and embryo adoption.

At times her services may render her to coordinate various professionals in order to protect and guard your legal interests. She may use, for instance, divorce coaches, accountants, appraisers, and possibly child specialists from the San Francisco area. She also may be retained to simply assist withcompletingforms and preparing you for mediation. She encourages her clients who are going through an uncontested divorce to use collaborativelaw techniques.

Every step of the way through the legalmaze of divorce, Rosanna will be there to guide, counsel, and safeguard your legal interests; she will also keep a watchful eye for those who may attempt to take advantage of you. She will strive to keep you informed and up-to-date and she will strive to keep the channels of communication open. She will prepare you for all aspects of the divorce process. She firmly believes that communication, knowledge, and preparation are the means to success in any endeavor especially divorce.

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